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Light Flintlock Rifle, Johann Christoph Kuchenreuter

Description: Fluted octagonal barrel with a silver bead and non-original steel visor with embedded silver ornament, signed "I. CRISTOPH KUCHENREUTER", in front of the ground screw brass-inlaid mark - a rider with letters "ICK". 15 mm calibre. Smooth flintlock, non-original sharpening steel spring. Floral-carved walnut butt, smooth brass furniture. Bavaria, Steinweg bei Regensburg around 1780, length 102 cm. Professionally restored, some parts of the butt replaced and the following parts are non orginal: patch- box cover, a ramrod sleeve and ramrod. Johann Christoph Kuchenreuter, 1755 -1818, Steinweg bei Regensburg, court gunmaker of the Thurn-Taxis princely family . Condition 2-3
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