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A cased deluxe double-barrelled percussion shotgun, Le Page, Paris

Description: France, before 1830. Browned damascus, side-by-side barrels with smooth bore in 16 mm calibre, marked in gold "DAMAS TURKO RUBANS D'ACIER" on the mid rib, patent breechblock, finely cut tang. Lavishly engraved locks with gold inlays, signature "Le Page a Paris" in medallions. Percussion cocks are cut in the shape of dogs head. Beautiful walnut richly carved walnut half-stock with engraved and gold inlaid furniture. Wooden ramrod with a brass tip. Length 111 cm. In a velvet-lined wooden case with brass reinforced corners. Various and complete accessories. Dimensions 86,5x22x8 cm. condition 1-2
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