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A helmet for officers and cuirass

Description: An 1874 helmet with a tombac skull and a horsehair crest. Nickel-silver plate with a flaming grenade overlay. Metal chinstrap. Front and back peaks lined with leather. It comes with an iron M 1825/55 carabinier cuirass, with tombac mountings. The breastplate bears a beautifully gilded emblem on a nickel silver starburst. The back has two metal chainstraps. The maker´s inscription "Manufre. Rle. de Klingenthal" is on the breastplate together with No. "312". Back plate with manufacturer´s mark "Manufre. Rle. de?" and dated 1843, aditional marks: 1T.1L. No. 1198. France, 19th century, Iron pieces somewhat stained. Tombac overlay has marks of wear. condition 2
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