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Cup-Hilt Rapier

Description: Double-edged, straight blade with central point. In upper part two fullers on both sides, inscription "YNTE DOMINE EN PEXAVI, ANO 17?? / NO CONFUNDAN YNETEXNU, SOLIGE". A over two pellets, iron hilt formed with a pair of long straight quillons spirally fluted towards the button terminals, joined to the knuckle-guard both at the base and by a small branch at the median, the knuckle-guard en suite with the quillons, cupguard formed as a pair of fluted shells each slotted over the top and sides, the inner-and outer-shells joined at the sides by a concentric series of looped bars and linked by further branches to both the knuckle-guard and the rear quillon, compressed pommel cut with scallop shells and rising to a prominent button, and retaining its original rectangular grip wrapped with patterned wire set between a pair of collars. Length overall: 105 cm, blade: 90 cm. A Spanish circa 1700. In: NORMAN, A.V.B., The Rapier and Small-Sword, 1460- 1820, London, 1980, Hilt 83, pp. 156-7. Condition 2+
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