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A Silver-mounted Over-and-under Flintlock Shotgun, Georg Schemetzler, Wiener Neustadt

Description: Two-stage barrels, octagonal then round after cut girdles, with smooth bore in 15 mm calibre. Silver front sight. Silver-lined mark "G. Schemetzler" at the breech. Slightly chiselled flintlocks marked "Georg Schemetzler" and " A Neustat". The florally carved walnut full stock with patch-box and smooth silver furniture. Trigger guard marked with a maker´s mark "OC" (Octavian Cockse, 1722 - 1795) and with hallmark for Vienna with the date of 17?8. Wooden ramrod with silver tip. Wiener Neustadt, 2nd half of 18th century, length 113 cm. Condition 2+
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