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Cased Set of Maynard First Type Carbine

Description: Matching SN 2844, cal. .35 carbine and .50 shotgun. Length of the barrels 20 inch (carbine) and 26 (shotgun). Barrels retain 95 to 97 % of the orignal blue. The stock is virtually mint with 98 to 99 % of the orig. varnish. The patch box is marked "MAYNARD PATENTEE/MAY 27, 1851/JUNE 17, 1856". The inside of the patch box has a series of patent dates printed on a paper insert. The patent marking is as follows "MAYNARD,/Patentee,/MAY 27, 1851, JUNE 17, 1856,/JAN. 11, 1859,/OCT´R 4, 1859,/OCT´R 4, 1859,/DEC´R 6, 1859.". The patch box door retains 85 % of the orig. blue. Lader sight, hammer and trigger retain 98 to 99 % of the orig. blue. Screws are close to perfect. Original factory case needs repair to lid, otherwise excellent. The brass inlay is missing. The case still has the original inside in superb condition, French fitted and accentuated with a red finish. Bulletmold and screwdriver are missing. Dimensions 73.5 x 7 x 31.5 cm. United States circa 1860. Carbine is unfired, the blue missing is due to handling and age. Condition 1-
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Limit: 8 000.00 (EUR)
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