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A Flintlock Rifle for Left-Handers by Christoph Wilhelm Freund

Description: Lightly swamped octagonal barrel with seven-groove rifled bore in 17 mm calibre and with stud for bayonet. A silver front sight and an iron rear sight. Iron flintlock with floral decoration with another and signature "C: Freund a. Fürstenau". Set trigger. Beautiful walnut full stock with floral carving and patch box. Inlaid horn and bone stars on the cheek piece. Brass furniture engraved with floral designs. Brass escutcheon. Wooden ramrod with horn tip. Germany circa 1770, length 105 cm. C. W. Freund of Furstenau, working 1745 - 1780. Cf. Hermnann-Historica, 53rd auction, October 15th 2009, Lot 46. Condition 2
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