Introductory word

Dear clients,

Our company buys all kinds of antiques, the only limits being the amount of space we have available and the structure of our clientele.

What do we buy?

We buy all high-quality antiques from the first half of the 19th century or older, as well as collector’s items (interesting types of padlock, corkscrews, walking sticks, seals, irons, playing cards, prams, toys, scissors, table bells, coffee grinders, snuffers, and cycling antiquities). We are also interested in a certain type of porcelain figurines (gardeners, miniature figures). In addition to these, we are looking for pictures by 19th-century Czech artists, historical jewellery, Russian porcelain and silver, Czech porcelain cups and saucers with painted views on them from the 1st half of the 19th century,  earthenware and faience from local factories (Dalovice, Týnec, Prague, Vranov, Holíč,  Kravsko, Hranice /Weiskirchen/, Dolní Chodov, Kopřivnice, IGLO, Kremnice), traditional pitchers from the 1st half of the 19th century and older, weapons from Czech gunsmiths, nautical military equipment and weapons, old tin and copper pots, wooden ginger-bread moulds, items from old apothecary shops, and pictures suitable for displaying in hotels (still-life and landscapes in oil on canvas or on board)

What don’t we buy?

We do not buy bulky furniture and furniture suites, as we cannot display them, nor do we buy very large items (drinking fountains, larger-than-life-size statues, etc.).
We do not buy religious items, unless their origin can be clearly authenticated. We certainly do not buy fakes, at any price (although by fakes we do not mean period copies, for example). We also do not deal in types of tender, badges, stamps, stickers, 20th-century military equipment, or modern weapons.
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