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Sabre for Troop of the Garde du Corps, 2nd Model, 1815

Description: Single-edged, straight blade with wide fuller on both sides and central point. In upper third decorated with blued, gilded and engraved floral ornaments and military trophies. Gilded brass hilt. Massive basket with strip knuckle-guard, three side-arms and Coat of Arms of Bourbon dynasty. Under crest the Order of the Holy Spirit (L´Ordre du Saint-Esprit). Stamped two letters "B" under Star (Bick or Borson). Wooden grip covered with fish-skin and bound with silver-plate brass wire. Steel plate scabbard, two lockets with movable rings. Frog stud fastened on outer side of upper locket (attached subsequently). France, c. 1815, length 96 cm.
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