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A One Barreled Flintlock Pistol for Two Shots by Martin Schuester

Description: Two-stage barrel, octagonal then round after a girdle, with smooth bore in 16 mm calibre. Above the breech gold-inlaid mark "M.S" and an engraved signature "Martin Schuester". A barrel root and a tang florally engraved. A brass bead. The breech section of the barrel is equipped with two touch-holes for two rounds in a row. The first touch hole is connected with the pan by a special channel, while the second one can be closed by a safety catch, which forms a steel plate fixed to the inside of the lock board. The convex cover of the pan has a depression for the priming powder covered from below by a sliding "bottom". When firing the first shot the second hole was stopped by the safety catch, and sparks ignited the foremost charge through the first touch hole. Then the "bottom" was slid back, a second portion of priming powder sifted through onto the pan, the safety catch was pushed down and the pistol is ready to fire again. Flintlock bears floral engraving and the signature, "Martin Schuester in Donauwerth" (upper cock jaw, screw and front pan cover are replacements). Walnut full stock finely carved with brass furniture engraved en suite. Butt probably in the period of use replaced. Original wooden ramrod with horn tip. Austria, Donauwerth, early 18th century, length 53 cm. Zustand 2-
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