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A Pair of Flintlock Pistols, Henry Nock

Description: Octagonal, then round barrels with smooth bore in 18 mm calibre with patent breechblocks. Slightly engraved with beams on the top of the barrels and signed "H NOCK LONDON" over the chambers. Trophy bundles on the tang. Smooth flintlocks with rainproof pans, stepped tails and rollers, signed "H NOCK" on the lock plates. Full walnut slab sided walnut stocks. Slightly engraved brass furniture. Original ramrods with screw-mounted iron bullet pullers. London, end of the 18th century, length of each 37 cm. Nock (1741 - 1804) London, became a guild master in 1802 and worked for numerous crowned heads. Condition 2+
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