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A Double-barrelled shotgun, V. Fiala

Description: Cal. 16/65, no. 4356. Side-by-side barrels with machined barrel rib and with gold-inlaid signature "V. Fiala v Praze", marked: "Special-Gewehr-Lauf-Stahl (three intertwined circles) Fried. Krupp A.G. Essen". A bead front sight. Finest gold inlay at the barrel root. Austrian proof marks and Bohemian nitro proof marks. Length of the barrels 75 cm, barrels with some degree of pitting to the bores. Double barrel hook locking, locking lever, ejector, double trigger. Back-action locks with extraordinarily fine engraving of wildlife scenes, decoreted in relif and also signed "V. Fiala v Praze". A break-down frame and locking lever decorated with finest gold inlays. Finest English scrollwork engraving on action parts. Walnut stock with pistol grip, grained root wood. Gold monogram "AS" in pistol grip cap. Bohemia, Prague circa 1900, total length 117 cm. In original leather case. Stock shows heavy traces of use. Condition 2-
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