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A Breech-Loading Percussion Rifle by A. V. Lebeda, Berenger Action

Description: Octagonal blued Damascus barrel with rifled bore in 10 mm calibre. Dovetailed iron front sight and iron rear sight. Top of the barrel marked "A.V. Lebeda w Praze". System housing with pivotable locking block and release lever with engraved tendrils, on the right the trigger with interior firing pin. Set trigger. Walnut half stock with iron furniture, the trigger guard with nummber "1078", finger rest of horn. Prague, 1st half of the 19th century, length 97 cm. Restored. Anton Vinzenz Lebeda (1795-1857) became a master in 1822 in Prague and was gunsmith to the court from 1852. Condition 1-
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