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A Cased Percussion Revolver by Deprez-Joassart

Description: Cal. 11 mm, stamped with the matching serial number 4443. Octagonal grooved barrel retains 85% bright original blue and is marked on the right side with "DEPREZ/BREVETE/4443". The system of closing (arm fixed by a knurled screw) once opened makes it possible to dismount the weapon and to reach the barrel. Plain six-shot cylinder stamped with the Liege ELG proof mark. Finely carved one-piece walnut grip with fish skin. Belgium, Herstal circa 1860, length 30.5 cm. Comes with wooden case lined in green velvet. Accessories include a powder flask, iron ball mould etc. The inventor J. Deprez operated an iron foundry near Herstal which is close to Liege, Belgium and was a supplier to the Liege gun-trade. It is doubtful if more than a hundred or so of these rare revolvers were made.
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