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A Rare Engraved and Gilded Queen Anne Flintlock Pistol by G. Massin

Description: Smooth-bore, multi-staged round iron barrel in 17 mm calibre, moulded bands at the intersections and muzzles, the rear part chiselled with floral and geometrical motifs on a gilded ground, the top of berrel signed "G. MASSIN", brass fore-sight. Chiselled and gilded tang. Queen Anne type lock (cock repaired), chiselled and decorated en suite. Walnut burl wood butt with gilded brass mounts decorated with floral motifs, grotesque mask butt-cap. Iron ramrod. Liege 1740 - 1750, length 38 cm. Condition 2
Estimate: 3 000.00 (EUR)
Limit: 2 500.00 (EUR)
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