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A Cased Webley-System Open-Top Percussion Revolver

Description: Cal. .45", no visible serial number, with octagonal 5 3/4" barrel, the top-flat signed "SHAW & SON WORKSOP". The blued cylinder has Birmingham proof marks and the chambers are numbered 1 to 6. Double Action Only. Engraved and with much original blue on metal parts. Finely chequered walnut grips. A percussion cap compartment in the butt. England circa 1860, total lenght 30 cm. The revolver comes in a mahogany case (dimensions 36.5 x 5 x 20 cm) lined with brown baize, containing a bag-shaped powder flask, bullet mold, rammer and screwdriver. Very well preserved and very rare. Vzácný předmět ve velmi dobrém stavu. Condition 2+
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