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A Rare Vampire Killing Slayer Kit

Description: Set for travelers in 19th century, who were worried about the potential danger of vampyrism while traveling to Transylvania in Eastern Europe. The oak cassette is lined with brown velvet fabric inside. The lid has a silver cross inset. The contents of the cassette consist of two storeys. At the bottom is a percussion gun caliber 14.5 mm, pliers for pellets and balls with embossed cross, duster, knife in a leather sheath, wooden mallet with five wooden pins, binoculars, tongs for coffin nails, watches, compass, map of Transylvania and more things. In the upper part is stored holy water, various mixtures against vampires in glass sealed vials and a picture of Christ with a map of Transylvania. In the lid is set brass crucifix, two crosses and portraits of saints. 19/20. century. Dimensions 50.5 x 33 x 13 cm. Mgr. Jan Sach, Military History Institute. Condition 2
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