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A Luxury Sabre (Presentation Sword)

Description: The single-edged, curved blade fullered on both sides has a Pandour point and a false edge for the last 245 mm. It has etched decoration, including gilded trophies and flovers on a blued background. Cast gilt-bronze hilt, quillons made in the form of a serpent, the pommel in the shape of a warrior with helmet in antique style (an infantry Sabre of general count von Kienmayer in Museum of Military History in Vienna has an identical pommel). Chain knuckle guard is missing. Checkered ebony grip. The gilt brass scabbard has two loose rings mounted on bronze or brass bands and is lavishly decorated in low relief with horns of plenty and a caduceus, symbol of Mercury. Probably Austria, beginning of 19th century, length 98 cm. Zustand 2
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