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An Etched Armour for the Field

Description: Iron skull, forged in one piece with roped comb, plume socket missing. Lining rivets. Turned up, two-piece visor with the upper part having separate eye slits. There are six air slits below the eye slits on the right side, and air holes on the left side. The lower visor is probably later replacement. One piece bevor. Riveted neck and nape protection with turned under and roped edges. Etched decorative stripes on the skull and gorget, with leaves, birds, animals and men´s heads. A gorget of two lames opening on a hinge, and with a corded and turned under neck cutout. A pair of full arm-defences comprising pauldrons each of seven lames overlapping outwards from the third, connected by a turner to a pair of vambraces, each formed of a tubular upper and lower cannon. The vambraces openening on hinges. Gauntlets consist of four finger plates, the risen knuckle plate roped, four metacarpal plates. Cuffs with the edges turned-under and roped. Attached thumb protection of five lames. Heavy ridged breastplate formed in one piece with etched decoration en suite, comprising a Coat of Arms. Skirt with attached pair of tassets. The backplate with turned and roped edges. Cuisses of two lames, knee cops sliding on two lames and hinged greaves. Sabatons of eight lames with one spur. Italy or Germany circa 1580, height 180 cm. Damages, repairs and some replacements. Condition 2
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