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Tin tableware, mixed lot of 10 pieces

Description: 1) Wine kettle marked "S: W: FEIN ZINN", rose with monogram "CKS" next to the lion. Bohemia, Slavkov, 18th century, height 21 cm. 2) Helm-jug kettle, unmarked, probably Bohemia, 1st century, height 18 cm. 3) Beer stein, barrel-shaped, unmarked, 19th century, height 16 cm. 4) Oil lamp, twice marked "PROB ZINN" and one master brand "AS", probably Bohemia, 19th century, height 28 cm. 5) Two measuring mugs, unmarked, Bohemia, 19th century, height 9 cm, damaged. 6) salt cup, unmarked, 19th century, height 5.5 cm. 7) Toy - Medal cup, 20th century, height 7.5 cm. 8) Pewter plate, at the bottom the mark of an angel, probably Germany, 19th century, diameter 22.5 cm. 9) Tray marked "FRANZ SCHMIDT, S. W. FEINZIN", Bohemia, Slavkov, end of the 18th century, length 29 cm, damaged. Condition 2-
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